Top 5 food delivery services


Delivery isn’t just for pizza anymore.

The internet can do a lot of cool things. But there’s no denying its greatest feat thus far: online food delivery. With a couple clicks, you can get your favorite dish delivered to your door. What more could you ask for?


Caviar delivers hot-and-fresh-everything, from single meals to entire catering orders. Open the free app, select your meal and use the real-time GPS feature to track it to its final destination (that’s you). Not big on waiting? You can plan your delivery up to a week in advance to ensure it’ll arrive exactly on time. The company is owned by mobile payment company Square Inc., so at the very least, you know Caviar accepts credit cards.


All the best things start in college dorm rooms. DoorDash is one of those things. The service solves for the toughest part of dinner time: deciding what to eat. With your DoorDash app, you can filter and sort nearby restaurants by cuisine, price and speed. Purchase your food, track it to your doorstep and dig in—all in under 45 minutes. There’s no minimum order requirement, and your delivery fee fluctuates based on the distance from the restaurant to your home. DoorDash is still expanding its network, but so far the industry up-and-comer is available in 20 U.S. cities.


Grubhub has one mission: to get good food in the hands of hungry locals, fast. Download the app to browse restaurant menus, ratings and reviews, select your favorite dish and submit your order. Then listen for the doorbell. With options for either delivery or carryout, it’s one of the most flexible services out there. It’s also the biggest mobile food ordering company in the space, with ties to more than 40,000 restaurants in more than 1000 cities. The name is no joke: this app really is the hub for online food delivery.


Postmates connects local couriers to customers with all kinds of cravings. Here’s where this services sets itself apart: Postmates isn’t just for restaurant food. It delivers anything on demand. Feeling too sick to leave the house? Postmates will bring you Tylenol and chicken soup. Got a need for caffeine but no time for the Starbucks line? They’ll deliver coffee to your office. The app comes with a live map, so you can follow your food from start to finish. Postmates’ network spans more than 100 cities across the nation. And for bonus points, the couriers don snazzy uniforms that make your order easy to spot on arrival.


It’s Uber for your bean burrito. The UberEats app interface is just like the ride sharing app you know and love. It allows you to track your order and gives you helpful information about your delivery driver—car details and a headshot—so you waste no time looking for your lunch. Invite friends to use your unique promo code on their own orders, and you’ll earn credit toward your next meal. Where can you use UberEats? Nashville. The ‘Natti. Melbourne. Miami. And nearly 40 more international locations. Are you really surprised?

Thousands of restaurants. Hundreds of cities. Five apps. You’ve got a lot of choices. And now that you know each food delivery service’s unique set of super powers, you can pick the best fit for your city, budget and style. Download your favorite and get some good eats within the hour.


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