How Do Different Browsers Affect Internet Speed?


You may find that with different browsers, your online capabilities vary. Whether you choose Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari or another browser, your Internet speed will not be affected. However, your browsing speed can vary when you choose one browser over another.

Your download and upload speed is determined by your Internet service provider. When you order a plan with a specific Internet speed, it should not vary too much from that number.

The determinants of speed

Websites, especially ones containing large amounts of media like images, videos or Flash, require a certain amount of Internet speed. Each browser has the ability to download and display these “extras,” but some may do it faster.

Browsing speeds also vary when you open multiple tabs. While one browser might be faster with only one window up, another browser could win with multiple tabs open.

Additionally, one browser could be faster than others at loading a single URL from the address bar.

How should you decide?

Ultimately, there is no clear winner of the fastest browser. Even if there was, browsers are being updated all the time and what wins this round may come up short in a few months. There are many unique features of every browser, which sometimes affect their loading speeds. There are a few websites that allow you to test each browser’s speed on your device to see which one works best for your setup. allows you to test a browser’s speed. You can test installed browsers on tablets, smartphones, PCs and other devices. See which one is fastest for your device so that it can be your default browser. is another great website to test your browser. Go to this website to receive a score. This number reflects how well your browser supports html5 – the markup language of most websites on the Internet

Which browser to use?

You should pick your default browser based on which features you like, how easy it is for you to use and how well it performs on your machine or device.


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