Football Apps to Score Big on Game Day: 2016 Edition


Super Bowl 50 is almost here. While some guys in spandex will be playing a really important game, let’s be honest – the Super Bowl is really about much more than pigskin.  It’s one of the best excuses to get people together to eat, drink and take pictures of delicious food. And since we live in the age of the Internet, there are plenty of apps to help sports and non-sports lovers alike score big on game day.


First off, food. Even the toughest rivals can agree this is the most important thing. So if you are hosting the game day party, you have a lot to get ready before kick-off happens. Which is why Yummly is a deliciously useful app for helping you plan the menu. Both mobile and web-based, this god-send of a tool lets your browse thousands of recipes (through filters like salty, savory, type of diet, desserts, etc.) and save them to your recipe box. You can also create a smart-shopping list and add recipes you love from other sites or Grandma’s cookbook.

Super Bowl Commercials

One of the best parts of the Super Bowl is the commercials. It’s the only time of the year you actually turn the volume up when they come on. So if you want to watch your favorite ads over and over, or catch highlights from year’s past, the Super Ads: Super Bowl Commercials App, organizes over 200 of them for your viewing pleasure.

NFL Mobile

Ok, so there is an actual game going on, and maybe you want more information than the commentators are giving you. NFL Mobile is a great way to get up to the minute information along with in-game highlights, news stories, stats and videos. Plus, you can watch play-off games live via the app and keep up with your favorite teams.

As we head into Super Bowl 50, the NFL has also released an app called Road to 50. Download it before the game for information on Super Bowl week events, schedules and the most important feature: a customizable football photo frames for fans. (Say that five times fast).


Did something weird happen during the game? Something really meme worthy? Download Clippit and you can post a video of it to your favorite social media outlets. Or annoy everyone rooting for the other team by posting that shot of the game winning touchdown. Basically, the app works like this: search for any TV show or sports highlight on the app, select the portion of the clip you want and then share it with your social networks.

Sidenote: This app is also useful for clippings of trainwreck reality TV show moments.


Ok, so we’ve covered food, up-to-the-minute stats and commercials. Which brings us to beer, and when drinking beer, Untappd is a great app to tap into (see what I did there) during the game. Everyone is using it, it’s got a great design and you can up your beer game while watching the other game. The app lets you learn about new beers, review the beer you’re currently drinking, see what others are talking about in the beer-world. When the game is over, it helps you find bars in the area to either drown your losing-team sorrows, or celebrate the victory in style.


When the 4th quarter time clock has run out, and the harsh reality that football season is officially over sinks in, you can dry your tears, because hockey is here. And with theScore app you can follow hockey, and all other major sports teams, to fill the football sized hole in your heart.

So there you have it, a non-comprehensive list of apps that let you enjoy sports, even if you don’t love sports. Plus, after the football season is over, you can still use at least five of these six apps in your everyday life. I think we can all agree, that’s a real win.


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