5 Wearables You Need to Know


The sky’s the limit. Today there are countless smart wearables you probably didn’t even know you needed, ranging from smart underwear to belts – and everything between. Check out these five unique wearables that may be worth the investment.


PoloTech Shirt

  • What is it? | Iconic clothing company Ralph Lauren has come out with PoloTech, a smart athletic shirt designed to track key metrics in real time as you’re working out.
  • How does it work? | PoloTech’s fabric is interwoven with silver fibers that collect stats including your steps, breathing depth and balance, and heart rate. This information is streamed to your iPhone, iPod touch or Apple Watch via Bluetooth when using the corresponding PoloTech App.
  • Unique features | The shirt comes with a removable Bluetooth-enabled black box used to transmit body metrics to your smartphone.



  • What is it? | Developed by a Montreal-based startup, OMbra is a smart sports bra that records fitness metrics and offers tips to improve your athletic performance.
  • How does it work? | OMbra uses embedded sensors to keep track of running performance indicators like calories burned, breathing rhythm and fatigue level. The metrics are synched to your phone when using the app.
  • Unique features | The sports bra is made of breathable materials and includes adjustable straps for added comfort. Its compressive sides help reduce movement when you’re working out.


Wireless Armour

  • What is it? | It’s smart underwear developed by Joseph Perkins, a British scientist. Wireless Armour protects male fertility against the vast majority of harmful radiation emitted by Wi-Fi enabled devices.
  • How does it work? | Wireless Armour uses a special fabric called RadiaTex. Pure silver is a key component in the fabric. As a conductor of electricity, the silver creates a shield against electromagnetic radiation.
  • Unique features | Adding silver to the underwear’s fabric makes it both highly antimicrobial and strong. Who knew?


Belty Good Vibes

  • What is it? | Originally, Belty was created as a self-adjusting belt by Emotia. The upcoming Good Vibes model notifies you when you’ve been sedentary for too long — or if it’s time to drink more water.
  • How does it work? | Like many other wearables, Good Vibes uses a companion app to track various metrics and provide instant feedback. It monitors your daily movement and vibrates when it senses that you’ve been too static, offering tips to keep you moving. This super-smart belt will even suggest power naps and breathing exercises to help you manage your energy and stress levels.
  • Unique features | The Good Vibes model is made of handcrafted leather. It’s lighter and slimmer than the original model and comes in both black and brown.



  • What is it? | Melomind is a headset that trains your brain how to relax.
  • How does it work? | Operating on electroencephalographic (EEG) technology, Melomind headphones track your brain activity through sensors clipped on the back side of the device. The headset connects with its companion app to deliver constant neurofeedback and generate relaxation music to help you cope with stress.

Unique features | The brain wave sensors are detachable, so you can use the Melomind headset independently.



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